• Already made your payment this month?

    Make Multichoice payments through BFA


Multichoice Payments

You can now pay for the Multichoice service at any BFA Branch or through bank transfer.


•  Cost-free
•  Visiting a Multichoice agent not required
•  BFA sends the payment receipt directly to Multichoice
•  Make the payment by bank transfer if you prefer

Paying by Deposit (Customers and Non-Customers)

1º Complete a Deposit Slip with the payment amount and Multichoice account number
2º Request the payment and activation receipt

Paying by Transfer (Customers only)

One-Time Transfer

1. Complete a transfer form with the following information:

- Account number of the account to be debited
- Payment amount
- Multichoice account number

2. Request the payment and activation receipt

Scheduled Transfers
To avoid going to the Bank each month, you can sign up for the scheduled bank transfer service by filling out a Debit Authorization Form. Request additional information from your Branch

Information required
Card Number (Multichoice Card)
Plan to Pay