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01. How to get in touch with BFA?
You can contact BFA by email at: bfa@bfa.ao or by telephone to: +224 222 638 900.
02. If my Visa card is lost or misappropriated, what should I do?
In case of loss or misappropriation, you should contact us immediately through our BFA Cards line on +244 222 638 990.
03. I lost the BFA Net Code. What should I do?
In case of loss of your BFA Net Code, you should contact customer services immediately calling +244 222 638 900
04. Can I access BFA SMS from abroad?
Yes, calling +244 931 040 404.
05. I am abroad and wish to make a transfer in Angola from my account; what should I do?
You will need to execute a power of attorney to be certified by the Angolan Consulate in your location authorizing someone you trust in Angola to request that BFA make the transfer from your account. The document should include the type of transaction to be performed (bank transfer), and a photocopy of your ID must be attached to the certified document.
06. I am abroad and would like to know if I can ask a duly authorised person in Angola to collect my Visa card and send it to me?
Yes. But to do so will have to draw up a power of Attorney authenticated by the Angolan Consulate in the country where you are residing and attach a copy of your b.i, specifying that the person indicated by them, shall be authorized to make the lifting of your Visa card. Please be advised Additionally to be their sole responsibility, any problems (movement or loss) associated with the card, after lifting the same.