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01. What is an App?
“App” stands for “Application” and refers to an application that is installed in a smartphone. Apps provide easier, faster access to certain functionalities than using a browser.
02. What is a smartphone?
A smartphone is a mobile phone with some of the features of a personal computer (online calendar and contact list, Internet and email access, camera, etc.). It offers the user advanced functionalities, which can be extended through programs that run in its operating system.
03. What is the iOS operating system?
A mobile operating system developed by Apple and used in the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
04. What is the App Store?
A service that allows users of  the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to browse and download apps from the iTunes Store.
05. What is Google Play or PlayStore?
Google Play, or PlayStore, is a service offered by Google for downloading a wide variety of apps developed specifically for the Android platform.
06. What do I need in order to install the BFA App?
You need a smartphone with Internet access and access to Google Play or the App Store, where you will find and be able to download the BFA App.
07. Do I need a special code to perform transactions via the App?
To access the transactional area of the App, you need to be a registered user of BFA Net. To start a session in the App, use your BFA Net access codes.
08. Do I need a special code to view changes, see news, find branches or run simulations in the App?
No code is needed to access the non-transactional area of the App.
09. How are transactions confirmed?
As in BFA Net, you will always be asked to enter various digits from your confirmation code to authenticate transactions carried out in the App.
10. I’ve lost my mobile phone. What should I do?
Given that the BFA App does not store any confidential data or BFA Net access keys in the mobile phone, no cancellation notification to BFA is required.
11. I want to use the App in two devices. Is that possible?
Yes, it is possible. As with BFA Net, the service can be used simultaneously in two or more different devices.
12. What does it cost to use the App?
The download has no cost other than that associated with the necessary Internet connection (based on mobile phone charges established by your mobile operator). In using the App, apart from the costs of the Internet traffic, you will have to pay the same transaction fees as in BFA Net. See the BFA Net rate and fee schedule.
13. How can I notify the beneficiary?
In the transfer form there is a field for you to specify the email address of the beneficiary.
14. In which operating systems can the BFA App be viewed correctly?
The BFA App is available for the iOS and Android operating systems. For the iOS platform, the BFA App is compatible with versions 8.2 and higher. For the Android platform, the BFA App is compatible with versions 2.0 and higher.
15. How do I “exit” the application?
If you are in the transactional area of the App, select the Exit button (in the top right corner of the page). If you are in the non-transactional area, for the iPhone or iPad, use the Home Button to exit the App. In Android devices use the Back Button or the Home Button to exit.
16. Until what time of day can I carry out transactions in the BFA App?
As in BFA Net, you can perform transactions in the BFA App until 18:00 on business days. Transactions ordered after that time are not executed until the following business day.