Withdrawal Wthout a Card

This service allows BFA Customers to obtain a cash withdrawal slip without a card at BFA ATMs and allows beneficiaries to withdraw money without an ATM card at ATMs.

How to request a withdrawal 

1. At the ATM, select Other Operations
2. Select the option Withdrawal without a card 
3. Select option new request (1)
4. Choose the amount
5. Choose a secret code
6. Confirm the secret code
7. Take the operation slip with the information requested (withdrawal code and amount)

How to make a withdrawal without a card

1. At the ATM, press key 8 or the green key;
2. Put in the withdrawal code 
3. Put in the secret code
4. Take your money and your receipt slip


• More convenient
• Safer and quicker 
• Send money to people who don’t have an ATM card or a bank account.
• No costs

For more information see the User Support Guide and FAQS