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Access your account using your mobile phone today. Learn about the different Transaction Codes available on BFA SMS.

How to use BFA SMS

Simply send an SMS with the code corresponding to the desired transaction.

Number for sending SMS in Angola

Number for sending SMS from overseas 
+244 931 040 404

Available Transaction Codes

•  Available Transactions Listing
•  Code: OP
•  All Customer Accounts Listing
•  Code: LC (space) (account number)
•  Detailed Consolidated Position Checking
•  Code: PIC
•  BIN/ IBAN Inquiry
•  Code: BIN (space) (account number)
•  Account Balance Checking
•  Code: S (space) (account number)
•  Account Activity Checking
•  Code: M (space) (account number)
•  Exchange Rates Displaying
•  Code: CB (space) (currency)

Account Balance Checking
Code: S (space) (account number)
Example text message: S 4523445566771