• Offer a unique gift

    Meet the credit created thinking of you


Buying a gift

Give someone a unique gift. Learn about the short-term loan designed to make special moments come true.

Applying for your Personal Loan

1º Visit your nearest Branch and open a Cash Current Account
2º Simulate your Personal Loan here
3º Apply for a Personal Loan at your Branch  
4º Deliver the required documents to your Branch


•  A loan customized to your needs
•  Competitive interest rates
•  Equal monthly instalments
•  Non-mortgage loan contract

Maximum financing amount
AKZ 5.000.000

Loan period
6 to 36 months

Documents required
•  Identification documents (ID Card and Taxpayer Identification Number)
•  Proof of earnings:
•  Statements from employers, evidence of salary and/or proof of other income
•  Submission of a commitment letter from Employers to deposit salary payments in a BFA account, or if not possible, a statement from the Client committing to transfer salary payments to BFA on a monthly basis
•  Executed promissory note: by the borrower, spouse and guarantors, if applicable.