05 January3:28 PM

ATM’s replacement

BFA secured the replacement of 95 ATM’s

During 2020 BFA secured the replacement of 95 ATM's in its fleet. In a particularly difficult year, this investment by BFA is a clear demonstration of the Bank's commitment to providing a quality service, both to its Customers and to the Angolan payment system in general.

With this effort, it is intended to ensure that Customers and the general public carry out their transactions at ATMs in a convenient way, especially in this period of confinement when there are limitations in terms of face-to-face service and Customers are encouraged to use non-ATM channels. in person.

And in the first quarter of 2021, BFA will ensure the replacement / installation of another 65 ATM's, maintaining the effort and commitment assumed to improve the conditions of access to automatic equipment by its Customers and the general public.