22 May5:12 PM

BFA first Preferential Treasury Securities Operator

BFA was constituted Preferential Treasury Securities Operator (OPTT)

Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA) was constituted Preferential Treasury Securities Operator (OPTT), with the signing of an agreement with the Public Debt Management Unit (UGD) of the Ministry of Finance.

The agreement was signed last Thursday, May 21st, by the Chairman of the BFA Executive Committee, Dr. António Catana and by the Director of the Public Debt Management Unit, Dr. Walter Pacheco.

This agreement arises as a result of a continuous process of improvement and dynamization of the public debt market, carried out by (UGD), in close coordination with the Angolan Debt and Securities Exchange (BODIVA).

As a Preferred Treasury Securities Operator (OPTT), BFA will be able to place and trade, in a consistent and preferential manner, securities representing public debt both in the primary market and in the national secondary market

Currently, BFA remains the leader in trading in the primary market with a 38.67% share in the amount negotiated, as well as in the secondary market with a 39.00% share in number of trades (the amount traded corresponds to a share of 26.50%).

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