30 March5:48 PM

BFA Opportunities XI

1st Investment Fund to be admitted and traded on the Stock Exchange at national level

BFA Gestão de Activos - Sociedade Gestora de Organismos de Investimento Colectivo, S.A (BFA-GA), in partnership with the Angolan Debt and Securities Exchange (BODIVA), announces the launch of the 1st Investment Fund to be admitted and traded on the stock exchange at a national level, called BFA Oportunidades XI. The launch ceremony took place today at 9am at BODIVA's office, Sky Business Tower building, Rua Marechall Brós Tito No. 41, in Luanda.

BFA Oportunidades XI is a Special Closed-ended Securities Investment Fund, which seeks to invest in opportunities detected in the Angolan Public Debt and in money market instruments in local currency.

The objective of the Fund is to allow the free trading of units in a stock market environment, such as shares. The Fund seeks maximum current income, consistent with the preservation of capital and daily liquidity, which provides its participants with a true alternative of investment in Kwanzas, diversifying their portfolios with increased profitability.

The event was chaired by the Chief Executive Officer of BFA Gestão de Activos, Mr. Rui Oliveira, and was also attended by the Chief Executive Officer of BFA, Mr. Luís Roberto Gonçalves, representatives of the Ministry of Finance, of BODIVA and of the Capital Market Commission.