10 August7:46 PM

False pages associated with Multicaixa Express

Good practices to observe in the membership and use of the Multicaixa Express Service.

EMIS recently warned that there are, on Social Networks, fake pages associated with the Multicaixa Express Service. These pages use the pretext of supporting users in the process of signing up and using the service, when the real objective is to obtain personal data (phone number, card pin and activation code) that allow them to make fraud.

In this context, and with a view to protecting Customers from possible fraud, Banco de Fomento Angola warns all users of the Multicaixa Express service to take all precautions.

In case of need for support when subscribing or using the service, BFA Customers should exclusively use one of the following alternatives:
• BFA Service Line: 923 120 120
• EMIS Helpline: 923 168 840 and 222 641 840.

We take this opportunity to reinforce the following good practices to be observed when using the Multicaixa Express Service:
1. When you join Multicaixa Express, never use a mobile phone number that is not yours or that you do not know;

2. Confirm the number entered in the membership, as it will be associated with your card and bank account, and will allow transactions to be carried out in your account;

3. Never share the PIN of your Multicaixa Express card with third parties, nor the activation codes received by SMS. The pin is a personal and non-transferable code and its disclosure allows transactions to be carried out in your bank account;

4. Never provide confidential or personal data in response to email messages or via SMS, even if the origin of the request appears legitimate;

5. The Bank does not ask by phone or email to add a cell phone to your bank account that is not yours or that you do not know. If you are contacted for this purpose do not give your details and contact the Bank to clarify the situation;

6. Never add or allow them to add your account or bank card to a mobile phone number you do not own or know;

7. Do not accept or ask for help from unknown or suspicious people when using the Multicaixa Express Service. If you are contacted in this regard, be wary.

For more information, visit the Branch closest to you or contact the BFA 923 120 120 Service Line.

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