30 October5:56 PM


Granting Credit to the Real Sector of the Economy.

In accordance with Article 7.1 of Notice 10/2020, Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA) informs that to date it has approved and disbursed 530,000,000 Kz (Five hundred and thirty million Kwanzas) to the Real Economic Sector.

This financing falls under the Program to Support Production, Export Diversification, and Import Substitution (PRODESI) and was granted to clients who meet the eligibility requirements set forth in Notices #4/2019, Notice #7/2019, and Notice #10/2020, as well as the Bank's current contracting rules.

It should be noted that amongst the financing approved there are restructuring projects with a total of 48,116,825,212 Kz (Forty eight billion, one hundred and sixty million, eight hundred and twenty five thousand and two hundred and twelve kwanzas) and 12,340,000,000 Kz (twelve billion, three hundred and forty million kwanzas) in the years 2019 and 2020 respectively, with the due approval of the BNA.