16 November10:05 AM

Tree Planting Campaign

Plant a Tree, Plant a Life

In the framework of the social responsibility plan, BFA defined its environmental strategy. The objective of the Tree Planting Campaign throughout the national territory is to associate the Bank with the theme of environmental sustainability, positioning it as an environmentally friendly Bank.

Our country currently has a global area of over 60 million hectares of cover forest , which represents a vast chain of exploitation of flora and fauna. However, deforestation for charcoal production, agriculture and fires are the main causes of forest degradation.

At a time when all efforts are important to mitigate and adapt to climate change, planting trees is a simple but decisive gesture.

The first cycle of the tree planting campaign will take place on 19 November, simultaneously in the provinces of Cabinda, Luanda and Namibe.

The goal is that by the end of the campaign, a tree is planted by each BFA employee.