22 June5:36 PM

Verifed by visa authentication system

Verifed by visa authentication in Mwangolé Credit Cards (Gold and Classic)

Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA) will implement, from the end of June, in its Credit Cards (Mwangolé Gold Credit Card and Mwangolé Classic) a newer authentication system provided by Visa: Verified by Visa.

It is a globally accepted and recognized authentication technology solution designed to ensure that online Credit Card transactions occur even more securely and in real time. (VbV).

This initiative comes at a time when there is a growing trend towards consumers buying credit card goods and services from the internet, which also introduces new challenges to combat fraud associated with the use of this means of payment in online transactions.

In this sense, BFA Credit Cards (Mwangolé Gold Credit Card and Mwangolé Classic Credit Card) will be equipped with VbV technology, which will allow BFA Customers to use this means of payment in online transactions even more securely and quietly, being validated with the introduction of a code that will be sent to your mobile phone.

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