09 March10:33 AM

BFA Bank new BAFT member

A Bankers Association for Finance and Trade (BAFT)

The main association of the global banking sector, offering its members, a highly effective combination of advocacy, education and information resources. BAFT membership offers BFA and its representatives unique opportunities to gain unique insights into industry issues and expand their access to leaders in the global financial community.

Baft's mission is international collaboration between financial entities, with the aim of promoting trends, influencing regulations and legislation by developing and adapting legal instruments. Promotes and provides education and training services contributing to the security and soundness of the global financial system.

Working regularly with: the Basel Committee, the U.S. Congress and Regulatory Agencies, European Institutions, Bretton Woods Institutions; World Trade Organization and Central Banks and Ministries of Finance of almost all G20 are currently members: 291 entities from 61 countries.