15 March5:41 PM

BFA distinguished

2nd Edition of the BODIVA Forum and Awards.

BFA was distinguished in the 2nd Edition of the BODIVA Forum and Award, as the financial institution with the "largest number of open custody accounts", "largest amount traded in the public debt market" and "Honorable Mention"

According to the BODIVA Markets report, last year 62.3 percent of BODIVA's accounts were under custody of BFA, putting it in an undisputed leadership position.


BFA also stood out as the bank that negotiated the most amounts, moving 500.89 billion kwanzas, which translates into a market share of 30.82%, 12.19% more than the previous year.

During the event that counted with the presence of BFA's PCE Dr. Luís Gonçalves, Honorable Mentions were awarded to BFA members for maintaining their commitment during consecutive years.

The Angola Debt and Securities Exchange (BODIVA) is a managing entity that aims to ensure the transparency, efficiency, and security of transactions in the regulated securities markets, with the objective of stimulating the participation of small investors and competition among all operators.