07 February3:42 PM

BFA Solidarity Event

LIVE | BFA Solidarity Event

BFA presents on 11 February, the BFA Solidarity event with the theme "The role of the private sector in the development of communities".

BFA Solidário is a social responsibility programme that aims to financially support activities and strategic projects of organisations belonging to the 3rd sector, whose beneficiaries are children. This programme was created to help mitigate the problems that many children in more vulnerable situations face, allowing for greater stability both at the level of their families and communities in general.

We also intend to raise awareness and encourage the market to the issues associated with the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) movement, which is taking place all over the world, and of which social responsibility is one of the pillars, through a more participative approach in society and working to create an impact on the lives of the most vulnerable communities.

In this way, we call to the table entities with recognised work in the social area and community development, both nationally and internationally.

The event will be live streamed on the official BFA Facebook page.


MC and moderator:

  • Leda Macuéria | Journalist Tv Zimbo.


  • UNITEL - Dr. Sheyla Antonieta Veloso da Costa | Senior Technician of Corporate Social Responsibility of Unitel
  • PSI - Pedro Félix Zola | Deputy Director
  • UNICEF - Dr. Tito Bonde | Specialist in Disaster and Emergency Management
  • FAS - Dr. Belarmino Jelembi | General Director
  • BFA - Dr. Francisca Cabral | Person in charge of the BFA Solidarity programme
  • BFA - Dr. Denise Pinheiro | Head of Subsidies