25 March11:12 AM

BFA supports Angola

$5 million to battle Covid-19

Due to the current situation that the world is experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic, Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA), in the context of social responsibility, through the Board of Directors decided to support the Government of Angola with aid of up to USD 5,000,000.00 in the acquisition of essential hospital equipment in the battle against COVID-19.

  • Diagnostic tests for Covid-19
  • Fans
  • Electronic thermometers
  • Hospital disinfectants
  • Personal protective equipment (Gowns, Biological Protective Suits, Caps, Visors, Masks, Gloves)

Aware of the pressure that may occur in health services, the BFA thus associates with public institutions in the mission of preventing, containing and mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

BFA has in progress an action and contingency plan for the prevention of Covid-19 throughout its operation in order to properly protect its employees and customers.

In addition, the BFA recommends the following best practices in the use of banking services:

  •  Prioritize the use of digital or telephone means to carry out banking operations or talk to managers;
  • Day-to-day operations (consultations, transfers, payments, mobile phone charges, among others) can and should be carried out safely and comfortably through the BFA Net, BFA App or Multicaixa Express service (mostly free of charge);
  • Use the Branches only in case of absolute need, especially if the Client is part of a risk group (elderly, people with chronic diseases or weakened immune system);
  • Where it is not possible to use digital means to make transfers, pay for services or recharge the mobile phone, the use of ATMs, should be privileged minimizing personal contacts;
  • Avoid handling money. Use  payments card;

In this mission, the collaboration of all is essential. We recall the actions that the World Health Organization recommends for the prevention of the spread of the disease:

  •  Wash or disinfect your hands regularly as well as your mobile phone, computer or Tablet;
  • Avoid taking your hands to your mouth, nose and eyes;
  • Cover the mouth and nose, when coughing and sneezing, with the arm in the elbow area;
  • In case of symptoms avoid contact with other people, stay at home and call 111;
  •  Avoid contact with infected people

The BFA strengthens its commitment to preventing and fight COVID-19 in order to safeguard public health.