10 November12:12 PM

BFA Sponsorship

IATF- 2021 Intra-African Trade Fair, Durban

Angola will take part in the II edition of the Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF 2021), which will be held from November 15 to 21, in Durban, South Africa, under the theme "Transforming Africa".

BFA will be present as a sponsor and will be part of the Angola pavilion, seeking to establish partnerships and exhibit its products and services.

The objectives of the Intra-African Trade Fair include the following:

  • To bring together continental and global players to showcase and exhibit their goods and services, explore business and investment opportunities in Africa;
  • To serve as a marketplace where buyers and sellers of goods and services meet and explore business opportunities;
  • To provide a platform for Business to Business (B2B)/Business to Government (B2G) exchanges, match-making and development of business and investment opportunities
  • To share trade, investment and market information with various stakeholders including investors, SMEs, the informal sector, Africans in Diaspora, and identify solutions to address the challenges affecting intra-African trade;
  • To discuss topical issues affecting intra-African trade and provide practical and effective solutions;
  • and to deploy multi-country and multi company pavilions that will serve as one-stop shop for intra-African trade and investment opportunities in Africa.

For Afreximbank, organizer of the event in collaboration with African Union Commission as well as other financial institutions, to share information on their trade finance and trade facilitation interventions that will support intra-African trade.

The IATF provides a platform for entry into a single market of over one billion people joined together by the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Once again the BFA is present at major events.

Event details

- Date: November 15th to 21st;

- Venue: Durban City, South Africa.

- Information https://www.intrafricantradefair.com/en