24 January4:12 PM

New functionality in Multicaixa Express

Transferência Express

Now you have at your disposal the functionality of Express Transfers in the Multicaixa Express service.

The Express Transfer service enables BFA Customers who are members of the Multicaixa Express channel to transfer money between accounts, using the recipient's cell phone number as the transfer identifier.


At this moment, this service is only available in the Multicaixa Express application and the following limits are defined:

Daily limit per operation: Kz 100,000

Daily limit: Kz 300.000

Monthly limit: Kz 1.200.000

Limit of operations received per month: 100


To make an Express Transfer operation, see here the step by step of Express Transfers.


For more information, go to a BFA branch or call our BFA Customer Service Line 923 120 120