21 September12:06 PM

Project + Water + Life

BFA Social Responsibility

The BFA + Água + Vida project, in partnership with UNICEF, aims to implement integrated programs for access to drinking water, sanitation, education, health and nutrition services, as well as the improvement of social conditions in 18 schools for the return of children to classes. During the project, we delivered the first 3 schools in the province of Cunene, municipality of Ombadja.


Additionally, the partnership encompasses the implementation of integrated programs namely:


  • Child birth registration activities;
  • Training of caregivers to support families in communities around schools in recognizing signs of acute malnutrition;
  • Routine vaccination and immunization sessions;
  • Construction of Cisterns and latrines;
  • School kits for schools;
  • Teacher training for the TUPPI program (Everyone for Early Childhood).


The BFA+Água+Vida project is yet another strong commitment by BFA's Social Responsibility to improve the conditions of communities.