Medium and Long Term

Medium and Long Term

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Permanent Capitals



•  Credit can be used as and when the company needs it
•  Possibility of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual disbursements
•  Possibility of a grace period in which the customer pays only interest
•  Financing of up to 90% of the total amount of the investment

1 to 5 years

Documents required
•  Feasibility study (investment project)
•  Construction project (pro forma invoices, list of equipment, others)
•  Certificate from the Land or Commercial Registry
•  Certificate from the Fiscal Property Registry (Finance)
•  Identification of the borrowers and proof of marital property scheme 
•  Contracts whose rights are to be pledged to the Bank

•  First mortgage on real estate property, valued by BFA’s expert valuer
•  Pledge of the equipment to be purchased 
•  Earmarking of funds
•  Blank promissory note, signed by the company, with or without the endorsement of the members
•  Revenue appropriation 
•  Financial surety bond 
•  Collateral
•  Irrevocable power of attorney
•  Pledge of receivables

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