Workmen's Compensation Insurance

Workmen's Compensation Insurance

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Get to know Fidelidade's Workmen's Compensation Insurance - BFA and ensure the protection of your employees and your company.
In the event of an accident at work or professional illness, Workmen's Accident Insurance transfers the legal responsibility that falls upon the Employer to the Insurer, guaranteeing, in the event of a workmen's accident or professional illness, the payment of cash benefits, as well as the specialised medical assistance required for the recovery of the Employee for his return to active life.

How to join:
At the Counter
1º Go to the BFA counter with your Identity Card.
2nd Workmen's Compensation Insurance Proposal duly filled in and authenticated (signature and stamp).

Technical Information Sheet
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Easy: Ease of the contracting process,
Insurance: Provides a safe and accessible solution to guarantee, in the event of a work accident.

Benefits in Kind;
In case of Temporary Disability (Absolute or Partial);
In case of Permanent Disability;
In case of Death.

For more information go to a BFA Branch, or call the BFA Helpline 923 120 120.


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