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Signature Personal Protection

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Signature Personal Protection Insurance consists of Personal Accident Insurance with Travel Assistance, signed by Fidelidade, exclusively for BFA Private Banking Customers.

This Insurance aims to provide financial support to the household and / or the Insured Person, when they are victims of an accident that causes Death, Permanent Disability or Temporary Disability. This Insurance also covers expenses associated with unexpected eventualities with which the Insured Person is confronted on a leisure or professional trip.


Signature Personal Protection Insurance guarantees the following coverages:
Death or Permanent Disability due to Accident (DPD)
Temporary Disability due to Hospitalization (TDH) in case of Accident
Accident Treatment and Repatriation Expenses (ETR)
Accident Funeral Expenses (FE)
Travel Assistance (TA)


Flexibility: The Client / Insured Person can choose, from the available plans, the one that best adapts to their personal case.

Scope: Guarantees financial support for you and your family.

Cumulative indemnities: The indemnities of this Insurance are cumulative with those of other Insurance that cover risks of the same nature.

Ease: Simple and quick subscription.

Contract subscription age:
Minimum: 16 years;
Maximum: 60 years;
Being in force at 60, the contract will end at the end of the annuity in which the Insured Person turns 75.
How to join:
To join, contact your Financial Advisor.

If you would like more information, please consult the product brochure or the Technical Information Sheet

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