BFA Private Fund IV

BFA Private Fund IV

Diversification of your investor portfolio

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The marketing period for the Investment Fund, called BFA PRIVATE IV Fund, begins today, March 06, 2023. The marketing period will run until March 29, 2023.

The Fund's main objective is to provide its participants with an investment alternative in Kwanzas, diversifying their portfolios and with increased profitability. It is exclusive to BFA Customers.

The BFA PRIVATE IV Fund is a closed-end fund, that is, redemptions are only permitted on the settlement date of the Fund which will occur on D+5 from the Maturity Date.

For this reason, the Fund suits investors who do not foresee needs to use the Funds within the duration horizon of the Fund's investments.

The minimum subscription amount is Kz 100,000.00 (One Hundred Thousand Kwanzas) and only orders that meet this requirement will be accepted.


Valor Unitário da UP: 

Valor: Kz 1,161.84
Data:  30/05/2024

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