Programa BFA Solidário

Programa BFA Solidário

No âmbito das suas actividades de responsabilidade social e de envolvimento com a comunidade, o BFA lança o Programa BFA Solidário.

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BFA Solidário is a social responsibility programme aimed at supporting and recognising the work of non-profit organisations that are active in the fields of education, health and the promotion of social and financial inclusion among children and young people. 

Through this initiative BFA aims to foster the development of this kind of organisation by distinguishing and giving visibility to outstanding projects in these areas and mobilising society in favour of the causes and needs they address.

About the programme: 
The BFA Solidário programme will be funded with up to AOA 157,500,00, to be divided among a maximum of 12 organisations in three categories:   

    •   Education: for organisations working to improve the educational level or qualifications of young people in disadvantaged social groups.
    •   Health: for organisations that are trying to improve health conditions for young people in disadvantaged social groups.
    •    Social inclusion: for organisations whose activities are aimed at promoting the social and financial inclusion and integration of children and young people at risk, including through education and prevention of risk behaviours, professional training and basic living support. 

Support will be granted for up to four candidates in each category. The grants are intended to finance projects of strategic importance for these organisations’ activities, such as:  
     •   Acquisition or improvement of fixed assets;
     •   Acquisition of current assets;
     •   Introduction or improvement of the technologies used;
     •   Training of staff and employees.

The support funds are not allocated automatically: the amount of the grant must not exceed 90% of the budget of the qualifying project. Applicants should therefore submit budgets that reflect their real needs, rather than budgets designed to obtain the largest possible amount.

Moreover, the support must not exceed 50% of the organisation’s budget in the previous financial year. For example, if an organisation had a budget of AOA 30 million in the year before the application, the maximum amount it can apply for is AOA 15 million.

 Who is eligible:
Angolan organisations that meet the following requirements may apply for a grant under the BFA Solidário programme: 
     •    Incorporated non-profit organisations that can prove they have been operating for at least three years before the date of the application; 
      •   Unincorporated non-profit organisations that can prove they have been operating for at least three years before the date of the application and that meet the following requirements:
          (i) They have a recognisable organisational structure;
          (ii) They are active on a regular basis;
          (iii) They are legally entitled to carry on their activities;
          (iv) They are represented by a properly identified individual.

     •   Private universities that have been operating for more than five years.

The following are not eligible for the programme:
     •   BFA employees; 
     •   Commercial enterprises;
     •   Organisations that have been operating for less than three years;
     •   Organisations that are not headquartered in Angola;
     •   Public institutions.

Assessment and decision:

A panel appointed by BFA will assess the applications and award grants in accordance with the following criteria:
     •   Applicant’s development model;
     •  Applicant’s financial sustainability;
     •   Management and governance capacity;
     •   Record of activity and reputation;
     •   Estimated impact of the project.

Applications may be submitted free of charge and must be submitted electronically through the website All the fields in the application form must be completed and all the required supporting documents must be attached (including project details, letter of presentation of the organisation, details of the persons responsible for the application, and tax identification number of the responsible individual or organisation).

If the supporting documents cannot be attached to the application, candidates may send the documents by email to the email address of the BFA Social Responsibility Directorate (, stating the name of the candidate organisation in the subject field.
Applications may be submitted by the person responsible for the organisation or by a duly authorised representative.
Each organisation may submit only one application.
Applications must be completed electronically and may be submitted in two ways:
       a) Online, via the BFA website
       b) At the following BFA branches: 

  • Bengo: Caxito branch
  • Benguela: Lobito, Benguela, Cubal and Ghana branches
  • Bié: Kuito branch
  • Cabinda: Cabinda Deolinda Rodrigues and Cabinda Fútila branches
  • Cunene: Ondjiva and Santa Clara Vila branches
  • Huambo: Huambo Avenida da República, Bailundo and Caála branches
  • Huila: Lubango, Caconda, Chibia, Jamba, Matala branches
  • Kuando Kubango: Menongue branch
  • North Kwansa: Ndalatando branch
  • Kwansa Sul: Sumbe, Porto Amboim, Waku Kungo, Gabela and Calulu branches
  • Luanda: Talatona, Ramiros, Cacuaco, Panguila, Filda, Catete, Viana, Sango, Zona Económica, Marien Ngouabi, Cassequel, Samba Grande, Liga Africana, Baixa, Ingombotas, Inef and Miramar branches
  • North Lunda: Dundo branch
  • South Lunda: Saurimo branch
  • Malange: Malange Dangeraux branch
  • Moxico: Luena branch
  • Namibe: Namibe and Tômbwa branches
  • Uíge: Uíge branch
  • Saire: Mbansa Congo and Soyo Kikaka-Kiaku branches

Process phases:

Phase 1 - Launch 
The programme will be launched with an advertising campaign in various media, including the publication of an online channel providing relevant information about the programme and the application form.
Phase 2 - Applications 
Application forms must be completed and submitted, in accordance with the BFA Solidário programme regulations, within the application period. Candidates will be informed whether their application has been accepted or not.
Phase 3 - Assessment 
Applications will be assessed in two stages:

   • Step 1: The 24 best applications will be selected in accordance with the established criteria.
   • Step 2: Additional information about the projects will be collected and 12 winners will be selected to receive grants under the BFA Solidário programme in the different categories.

Phase 4 - Award 
The BFA Solidário grants will be awarded by the BFA Executive Committee, based on the Final Ranking Report issued by the jury. Winners will be notified of the grants and the relevant terms and conditions by email. BFA will also notify the 12 unsuccessful candidates of the final decision.
Phase 5 - Contract and execution 
To conclude the process, the grants will be formally allocated and disbursed. The winning projects will be monitored by BFA’s Social Responsibility Directorate.


This information does not exempt applicants from reading the REGULATIONS and the BFA SOLIDÁRIO PROGRAMME.

If there is any discrepancy between the information contained in this announcement and the REGULATIONS of the BFA SOLIDÁRIO PROGRAMME, the Regulations prevail.

For more information, see the Regulations and the FAQs.

The programme will be open for applications from 14 January to 28 February 2019.
For more information or clarification, contact the BFA helpline on 923120120 or send an email to