• BFA Fund Admission Opportunities to MROV BFA GA becomes the first private institution to complete the process of admission to negotiation on a regulated market by units.
• First Negotiation in a Regulated Market Registration of the first negotiation of Units in a regulated market (BFA Opportunities).
• Settlement of the BFA Opportunities Fun. The Fund dissolved with a Net Return of 18.06%.
• BFA Opportunities Fund II Constitution of its Second Fund with a total amount of AOA 18 Billion

• Fundo BFA Oportunidades Autorização do Registo e constituição do primeiro Fundo da BFA GA.
• Arranque Constituição do Primeiro Fundo da BFA GA com um Montante total de AOA 10 Mil Milhões.
• Processo de constituição da BFA Gestão de Activos - SGOIC, S.A.
• Constituição e Início de Actividade Nasce a BFA GA com um capital social de AOA 50 M.
• BFA Opportunities Fund Registration Authorization and establishment of the first BFA GA Fund.
• Start-up Constitution of BFA GA's First Fund with a total amount of AOA 10 Billion.
• Process of incorporation of BFA Gestão de Activos - SGOIC, S.A.
• Incorporation and Start-up BFA GA has a share capital of AOA 50 M.

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