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BFA Asset Management (BFA GA) is a management Society of Angolan Private Collective Investment Undertakings, with its own patrimony and administrative and financial autonomy, registered with the Capital Market Commission since December 2016.

Market leader with a team of professionals specializing in Financial Markets and track record. Provides constitution services, management and consulting services for Collective Investment Undertakings in the form of Investment Funds. Its customer services ranges from institutional to non-institutional investors.

Its strategies span the full spectrum of asset groups/categories, from fixed income to equities, real estate and commodities. Provides a range of investment resources and different insights into the local market.


Develop financial solutions, products and services that foster a lasting relationship with their partners.


To be the Managing Society of Collective Investment Undertaking No. 1 of all internal investors, and to be the preference of external investors in terms of offers and partnerships. Contribute to the sustainable development of Angola.


Innovation, Transparency and Commitment.


We are part of the Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA) group - a top level financial services provider with over 20 years of history - which stands out in the TOP 5 of Angola's largest Private Banks.



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