Kandandu Pre-Paid Card

Kandandu Pre-Paid Card

Just load and use it.

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Accepted worldwide

Exclusive service line

Easy to use

The VISA card that gives you an easy and safe way to make payments in Angola and abroad. Just load and use.

Card Limits
Limit on card balance: AKZ 20.000
Monthly card load limit: AKZ 60.000
Daily withdrawal limit: AKZ 60.000
Card Transaction limit: AKZ 20.000

General Conditions of Use:

Cartão Pré-Pago Kandandu 


• Secure means of payment
• No need to borrow
• Quick, convenient way to withdraw cash 
• Accepted worldwide
• Exclusive helpline

This card cannot be used for purchases on aircraft or online shopping; nor may it be used as security for payments (for example, as a security deposit in hotels or in vehicle rental agencies). 

BFA Customer Support: +244 923 120 120


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