Super Savings

Super Savings

Start investing in your future now.

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Attractive Rate

Risk Free Application

No Maintenance Costs

Investing in the future

Grab this opportunity and see your savings grow all the time.

How to apply for BFA Super Savings:

At the Branch

1º Go to your nearest BFA branch with your ID
2º Request the constitution of the application Super Savings BFA
3 Immediately receive confirmation of the constitution of the application Super Savings BFA


1st Go to BFA Net
2º Select the Term Accounts Menu
3rd Select the Constitution option
4º Select Products the option Super Savings BFA
5th Confirm the operation with your confirmation key


•  Highest interest rate on savings in the market
•  Risk free investment
•  Maximum investment period - 1 year
•  Penalty-free withdrawal of balance at maturity
•  No maintenance costs

30, 90, 180 or 365 days

Minimum investment amount
AOA 750.000 
USD 10.000


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