Special Housing Credit

Special Housing Credit

Availability of new credit products under Notice no. 9/22

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For the purpose of promoting the construction of residential properties and creating the conditions for bank customers to contract home loans with more beneficial conditions, the BNA published Notice 9/22, which sets out the eligibility requirements, terms and conditions to be observed by banks. For more information consult Notice 9.

In this sense, the Bank makes available from today, 6 June 2022, in its offer, two new credit products, namely:

1. BFA New Home Loans For Private Customers with proven financial capacity who need financing for the purchase of property under the terms of Notice 9/22;

Technical Information Sheet click here.

2. BFA Opportunity Credit For Individual Customers who need to restructure their credit for proven reasons of financial difficulties, provided that the remaining amount at the moment of its restructuring is:

       a. Up to Kz 100,000,000 (when there are 2 borrowers or one borrower and one guarantor);
       b. Up to Kz 50.000.000 (when there is only one borrower);

Technical Information Sheet Click Here.


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For more information go to a BFA Branch, or call the BFA Helpline 923 120 120

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