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BFA Agriculture Loans

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Exporting Companies


PAC Credit

BFA presents the best solutions created specifically to support exporting companies of goods in their international activity.

To reverse the current situation of the country, the Government of Angola recently presented a macroeconomic stabilization plan with the intention of creating an enabling environment for foreign business and investment in the country.
In order for BFA to help improve this situation, they intend to promote its aggregate products and services in its range of offering the best business solutions, to simplify the daily life of those who have an agricultural project.
With the BFA Agriculture Credit Campaign - “The Promotion of Agriculture passes through here”, BFA offers a wide range of product and service solutions to support companies in the agricultural sector.

PAC Credit
Credit availability, for a specified period, to use the Company's Investment needs.
The Client will be authorized to use the funds made available to him, up to a certain amount previously agreed, under the negotiated conditions. The Customer must identify the investment it intends to have funded, and disbursements should be for that specific need.
Regarding the implementation of Credits under Notice 4/19 that stipulates financing for the production of certain goods, we inform that the granting of credits to eligible goods previously stipulated for essential goods, which present deficits in national production, has been extended.


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