BFA Industry Loans

BFA Industry Loans

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Investment credit

Competitive Rates

To offer a wide range of products and services that support companies in the industrial sector.


Services on offer
• International payment orders and wire transfers

We transfer funds to beneficiaries abroad in most currencies, provided they comply with the Foreign Exchange Regulations Foreign Exchange Regulations. 

• Short-term trade credit
Short-term loans to finance corporate investments.

• Escrow account
Loans to help with day-to-day finance needs. To cover a company’s one-off expenses and cash shortfalls.

• Medium to long-term investment loans
Loans for a specific term to bolster a company’s permanent capital structure and fund investment projects. 


How to apply 
Just visit your nearest BFA branch.


• Competitive interest rates
• Lower commissions on loans and international transfers
For further information, visit your nearest BFA branch or call BFA’s Customer Service team on 923 120 120.

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