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To provide BFA’s customers with a comprehensive set of solutions to support businesses exporting goods.

Operations available

  • Wire transfers and International Payment Orders (IPOs)

Such operations allow funds to be transferred to a beneficiary abroad in most currencies, subject to compliance with the  a Foreign Exchange Regulation.

  • Guarantees, Sureties and External Financing

Such operations are available for customers who require a guarantee in order to certify the good and timely payment with respect to the export of goods.


How to sign up

To sign up just go to your nearest BFA Branch mais próximo.



  • Reduced pricing applicable to global wire transfers, IPOs and loan fees;
  • Streamlined foreign operations;
  • Provides greater security for global transactions;
  • Guaranteed receipt of international payments.


How to Export
Please refer to the APIEX Exporter’s handbook


For more information, please go to your nearest BFA branch or call the BFA Customer Support on 923 120 120


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