BFA Agricultural Investment Credit

BFA Agricultural Investment Credit

BFA is your partner in the Agri-Livestock business.

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BFA presents a set of solutions that contribute to the development of activities linked to the Agribusiness sector.


Finance the isolated acquisition of agricultural machinery, equipment and implements for land preparation, irrigation, phytosanitary treatments, harvesting to support agricultural production.


Companies linked to the agricultural and livestock sector.


  • Competitive interest rates;
  • Financing a high percentage of the investment;
  • Deadlines for reimbursement of amounts used compatible with the nature of the project;
  • Use according to the Customer's needs;
  • Possibility of a grace period in which the Customer only pays interest;
  • Benefits of Notice 10 incentives;


Up to 84 Months;

Informative Technical Sheet
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Necessary documents

  • Full certificate of the Commercial Registry with endorsement of the Management or Board of Directors in functions and form of obligation, issued in less than one year;
  • Financial Statements for the last 3 years;
  • Minutes of the General Meeting (company by quotas) or of the board of directors (sociedades anónimas) with approval of the decision to contract credit and guarantees;
  • Declaration of tax status;
  • Declaration of Social Security contributory status;
  • Any powers of attorney, drawn up by a notary, which expressly contain the mention of special powers to contract credit and/or provide guarantees with BFA;
  • Letter of acceptance of loan conditions;
  • Valid personal identification document of representatives;
  • If a national citizen: Identity Card;
  • If a foreign citizen: valid passport or resident card.


  • Public guarantee if applicable;
  • Blank promissory note, signed by the client/company, with the endorsement of the spouses and/or partners;
  • Mortgage pledge on real estate;
  • Pledge of equipment;
  • Other Real Warranties.

Check list

Credit Analysis Checklist
Note: the Feasibility Study under Notice BNA No. 10 /2020 and PAC (including Projects in the Agribusiness sector) must contain the elements described in this annex (Checklist – Feasibility Study).


For more information, go to a BFA Branch or call the BFA Service Line 923 120 120.

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