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What is a guarantee
A document in which BFA establishes itself vis-à-vis third parties as a guarantor, securing the performance of obligations assumed by its customers. The Bank may set a ceiling on the amount it is willing to guarantee.

•  Reduced costs 
•  Speedy execution of transactions
•  Guarantees performance of your company’s obligations to third parties
•  No need for transfer of financial resources

No specified term, or else a set expiry date plus a period for possible claims.

To be defined in each individual case.

Documents required
•  Memorandum of incorporation of the company
•  Commercial register
•  Taxpayer card
•  Instrument of appointment of the members of Management/Board of Directors
•  Contracts whose rights are to be pledged to the Bank

Informative Technical Sheet

For more information click:
FTI Financial Bank Guarantees
FTI Non-financial bank guarantees

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