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BFA became the exclusive partner of American Express in the Angolan market for accepting payments with American Express Cards in TPA.
With this partnership, BFA provides its Customers with a solution that contributes significantly to the development of their business and activities, facilitating the payment of transactions with American Express Card - one of the most used cards worldwide, especially by the large multinationals and private customers with high purchasing power, who visit Angola on business or tourism trips.

Who can join:
Companies with TPA (Customers or potential BFA Customers).

How to apply

1º Complete the agreement contract

2º Submit it to your nearest Branch.


  • Increased security: Card transactions are a safer alternative to cash payments. TPA BFA and American Express Cards are governing the highest security standards;
  • Profitability: It can boosts transaction capture and business growth, as some international companies encourage their Employees to use the American Express Card when traveling on business, usually consumers with high purchasing power;;
  • Prestige: Opportunity to accept international cards from one of the most recognized and exclusive brands in the world;
  • Accessible: Simplicity of the service-to-be process. BFA Client Companies only need to have a BFA TPA to contract service.

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