Tax Payments

Tax Payments

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BFA NET Empresas

Pay your taxes at any time, from anywhere, without leaving your desk. With BFA Net or BFA Net Empresas you can file your tax return quickly and securely.

How to do it
1º Register your company at the Finance Ministry’s Taxpayers Portal
2º Access the Taxpayers Portal and submit the tax return (DLI)
3º Access BFA Net or BFA Net Empresas and settle your taxes
4º Go back to the Taxpayers Portal and submit the Inland Revenue Collection Document (DAR)

•  More convenient
•  Safer and faster
•  No waiting in line
•  Cost-free 

Conditions of access

•  You must be a BFA customer
•  Your company must be registered in MINFIN’s Taxpayers Portal 
•  Only for tax returns filed via the Taxpayers Portal

For more information consult the Help Guide or the  FAQ´s.

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